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The employment market

Since 2005, three employment relationships have been distinguished in the German employment market:

  • Minijob (gross income up to 450 Euros per month)
  • Low-wage job (gross earnings from 450.01 to 800.00 Euros per month)
  • Regular employment (gross earnings from 800 Euros per month)

To this end, social security contributions and taxes are collected in gradations.

With over 81 million inhabitants and an unemployment rate of 6.5% (as of March 2016), Germany is one of the countries with the lowest unemployment rates in Europe! As a student in Germany you will enjoy a work permit for up to 20 hours per week and in the semester holidays up to 40 hours per week. Every student has the opportunity to look for a job, to look for open vacancies and to earn some money while studying. In addition to employment relationships, there are various ways to find a job: be it as

– an intern,
– working student,
– apprentice or just
– directly through a permanent position, or even as part-time employment.

As you can see: as diverse as the possibilities in Germany are to find a job, just as much thought, time and leisure must be invested for the right occupation. If you need help with your job search, please contact us!

The important question is: what do I actually want to apply for? As a student you have the opportunity to gain your first professional experience during your studies by working as a temp or working student. Of course, this also serves as an opportunity to study on an hourly basis and to earn the necessary money to pay for your stay, your studies and your free time.

Using targeted apprenticeships, usually full-time, explicit positions can be selected to gain work experience in the desired position, “to have a foot in the company”, and at the same time earn money. In addition, apprenticeships are obligatory for various courses of study. Voluntary apprenticeships are always possible – preferably during the semester break, of course.

Once you have decided on a suitable position and also employment, you face another major hurdle: the application process.

Application (application documents, application training – interview, AC)

The application can be a very big challenge. It takes a lot of time from job search to writing an application to an interview, because the matter requires a lot of knowledge, work and the ability to implement it. The matter starts with the complete application documents:

the cover page should be visually appealing with an appropriate layout, possibly also a professional applicant photo. The cover sheet already contributes, in not too small a way, to the first impression!

The cover letter is essential and must never be missing from your application. In addition to introducing yourself, your strengths and interests, you should get to the heart of how you found the job, why you are applying for the position and to work for the company and what makes you the right candidate. Your own motivation should not be neglected here!

Your CV is also important and must be included in every application. Your CV should be created in tabular form, if necessary with a professional applicant photo, based on data and facts. All your educational and professional stages and experience are recorded here. In addition, it should include your personal data, such as contact details, marital status, foreign language skills, etc.

You should attach all your references, employment references, certificates and documents. This gives the “new” employer an idea of your academic, employment and professional achievements. Note: Attach copies, not originals! And please make sure that these are copied and attached in a good quality and legibly flawless. Don’t forget: creases should be avoided with printed applications!!!

If you are shortlisted after reviewing your application documents, you will be invited to an interview. This can also vary:

  • Telephone interview (approx. 30 min)
  • Personal interview (approx. 1 – 1.5 hours)
  • Assessment centre (approx. 1 day)

We would be happy to support you in the professional preparation of the documents and to prepare you for the appointments.

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