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Enrolment (advantages of student status)

After successful application and after examination and a decision by the university, you will be officially registered at the university. You will receive a certificate of enrolment, which is your written confirmation.

This certificate confirms your student status and thereby you have several advantages in Germany:

The semester ticket is covered by the semester fee and you can use public transport throughout the state at no extra charge (also for apprenticeships, jobs or private travel!)
With the health insurance you are insured for health and nursing care comparatively cheaply at approx. 90 Euros per month.
There are discounts everywhere! As a student you can go out to many locations cheaply. Be it to eat or drink, or for admissions to museums, theatres, concerts or simply to the cinema. Even with subscriptions or online shopping, your student status offers you significant benefits, such as newspapers, magazines or even on Amazon.

You must always present your matriculation certificate to your employer if you are a working student or on an apprenticeship. Here, too, you may be coded differently for social security insurance, so that you are exempt from some insurance and receive more money at the end of the month.

So, very importantly, keep the matriculation certificate in a safe place!

Statutory Health Insurance

Statutory health insurance is part of the German health system and is obligatory for every citizen. As a rule, the statutory health insurance contribution is calculated pro rata from the gross monthly wage. As a student, you still have the advantage of paying a relatively small flat-rate contribution of around 80 Euros and being fully insured.

In principle, the statutory health insurance covers medical care, irrespective of earnings and age. Whether it is the treatment of diseases, early diagnosis of diseases, vaccination protection, subsidies for dental treatment, daily sickness benefit, maternity benefit, preventive examinations or maritime assistance and rehabilitation measures – the benefits are very broad, but differ in some cases in terms of the amount and areas of focus among the respective health insurance funds.

As of 2016, there are 118 statutory health insurance funds and other private health insurers in Germany.

Language Courses

Learning the language is one of the most important measures to take for successful integration! There are several ways to learn the language in Germany. A very good option for students are the German courses offered at the respective universities. In various courses with different levels of difficulty and at manageable prices, you will receive high-quality lessons that will help you progress in the long term. You can develop your German language skills step by step. Written confirmations based on certificates serve as proof for e.g. job applications.


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