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What do I want to study?

There are currently over 400 public and private universities in Germany. The main distinction is made between the following types: universities and technical universities or technical colleges, art, film and music academies and universities of applied sciences. The range of German universities is very diverse.

There is a wide range of study courses. There are over 18,000 in total, most of which are undergraduate and lead to a first university degree. The remaining study courses offer a further degree.

As you can see, there are many study opportunities in Germany. This where making the right choice requires carrying out very good research. It is important to find out which course is exactly right for you. Let us help you out!

Where do I want to study?

After you have decided which course you want to study, the next question quickly arises: Where? In Germany, we have over 400 universities and colleges distributed across 100 study locations. Many courses of study are of course offered at several universities, but some also have different curricula. In addition, each city has its own spirit, special sights and different advantages. We would be happy to show you the most important characteristics of the study locations or to find the one that suits you best.

What are the requirements?

The prerequisites for studying in Germany are partly general, but to some extent they are also specifically set out by the universities and the respective course of study. Depending on the

  • special language skills in German and/or English,
  • a certain grade point average,
  • special previous knowledge and experience but also
  • certain documents such as work samples or portfolios are required.

We would be happy to check in advance whether you fulfil the requirements, or which universities are accessible with your requirements.

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