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Application and enrolment procedure

In order to enrol, you firstly have to apply. You should apply for a specific course of study of your choice at a specific university or technical college. Some courses are very popular and therefore places are limited. In order to find the best and most suitable applicants, an application process is integrated. In some cases, special enrolment requirements are defined for courses of study, so that, for example, foreign language skills or a certain numerus clausus (average grade of the HZB (University entrance qualification)) are required.

If your application impresses the university, you will receive a registration form (postal or digital) from them. This form will include your contact information, health insurance data, previous courses of study and your desired course of study. You will then receive important documents from the university and your student ID card.

In principle, it makes sense to apply to several universities at the same time in order to increase your chances of obtaining a place at university, but also to be able to make the best choice between the offers received. We are happy to help you with that.

Application documents

If you want to apply to a university, you do not usually submit a cover sheet with cover letter and curriculum vitae, as we know this from the application process for an education or a profession. Documents required by any university are usually:

  • Secondary school diploma with an overview of the grades
  • If applicable, university entrance examination
  • First university degree e.g. bachelor (only for a master’s course)
  • Language certificates (may vary from university to university)

Depending on the degree programme, however, a letter of motivation may be required – usually in degree programmes with restricted admission. In addition to the general personal introduction, the letter of motivation should imply intrinsic motivation for the degree programme and the university. One to a maximum of two A4 pages are usual for this. A curriculum vitae in tabular form is often required for this purpose. This contains all the employment that one has undertaken up to the application.

When writing a letter of motivation, it is important to express yourself well rhetorically, to arouse interest and to be authentic. When submitting the application documents, the application deadlines, which definitely have to be observed, must be taken into account. Independently of this, you should also find out how the documents should be sent. These are sometimes requested online, by email, but also via a third party provider who screens, evaluates and forwards the application documents to the university as a central office.

Application deadlines

As a rule, the application deadlines for the winter semester (beginning in October) are between May and July of each year and for the summer semester (beginning in April) between November and January. Experience has shown that applications should be submitted approximately six months before the deadline, so that a safe and convenient procedure is guaranteed.

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