What about after graduation?

Graduation –> Working in Germany –> Blue Card –> Residence permition –> German citizenship

After finishing your studies in Germany (1) you will have the following possibilities:

  • continuing your studies,
  • start working,
  • staying in Germany for more then one year to find a job.

CSSA-Germany helps students to find suitable employers in your area and provide you a list of vacancies, which could be interesting for you; create a professional job application to have better chances on the job market or prepare you for your first job interview in Germany. Do not hesitate to contact us https://cssa-germany.com/contact/.

Germany offers attractive residence permits which enable you to accept a job which befits your line and level of studies. You can obtain them in just two steps:

Residence permit while looking for a job (2): You can apply for an 18-month residence permit from your local foreign national’s registration office to look for a job, that corresponds to your qualifications. During these 18 months, you may take up any kind of employment to support yourself and fund your job search. If you already found a job that corresponds to your qualifications before graduating, you can jump this step. You can apply for your residence permit as soon as you have passed your final exam. To do so, you usually need:

Residence permit for taking up employment (3): As soon as you have a job offer which corresponds to your qualifications, you can choose whether you want to apply for a German residence permit or an EU Blue Card for the next part of your stay. Various conditions are attached to both these residence permits. Depending on what you are planning to do in the future, either the German residence permit or the EU Blue Card can be advantageous for you. If you intend subsequently to live and work in another EU state, the EU Blue Card may be more advantageous for you than the German residence permit.

Even if you just get a job offer for a part-time employment, a residence permit can be granted to you.

As early as two years after receiving your German or EU Blue Card residence permit, you can apply for a permanent residence permit – that is, a residence permit without a time limit. Again, the condition is that you still have employment in Germany.

It’s possible to apply for a German citizenship (4) after 8 years of residency if you want to – study time will get included (except in Bavaria).

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